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This is the place that has it all for those people that want to be healthy and get healthier.

— Bob Penna, owner of the Beehive, a certified nutritional counsellor

Watch the video to have an overall view of the Beehive Food Store. Have a glance of the ever famous vegan/vegetarian resto bar, and of course the walk-in store that’s packed with healthy and organic products for all ages!

The Beehive Natural Food Store is consisting of two main sections; the (1) vegan/vegetarian restaurant and the (2) walk-in food store.

The restaurant, headed by Chef Carlos, serves the most delicious yet the healthiest meals, snacks, shakes, desserts, and smoothies you’ll ever taste and experience. The foods served at the Beehive juice bar are so good and yummy you’ll never realize it’s a vegan/vegetarian meal.

And then, right next to the resto is the walk-in store where you’ll find lots of stuff – all healthy and organic! The front shelves are full of organic cosmetics for both men and women – shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc. There is also a handful of essential oils available which are used specifically for aromatherapy; as well as several kinds of pain relievers, all natural and organically produced.

The Beehive Food Store also offers tons of homeopathic medicine and vitamins. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine therapy in which the homeopathic medicines play a major role in the process. For people who are seeking for alternative ways of getting healed other than what is customary, there are plenty of choices of medicines, vitamins, and supplements available at the Beehive store.

When you talk healthy, even sweet treats are not an exemption. Beehive Natural Foods offers all kinds of sweets, from the natural sweeteners like honey, the healthy yet yummy ice creams and frozen desserts, to the candies and chocolate bars available at the store.

And in the next few weeks, there will also be gluten free and organic beers and wines available at the Beehive. Some people who drink a little too much wine may experience headache, brain fog, and some tightening of the muscles. This is where the importance of drinking the healthier version takes place… in the form of organic wines. Drinking organic wines will have minimal chances of experiencing those that were earlier mentioned. Aside from that, the Beehive will also be offering gluten-free organic beers very soon.

There’s a lot more that you can buy and a lot more that the Beehive Health Food Store can offer. Just visit the store at 6490 Bird Rd, Miami. It’s open from Mondays to Saturdays, from nine till seven. You may also want to look for the owner, Mr Bob Penna, a certified nutritional counsellor, and he’ll be happy to address all you queries.


WATCH THIS: Beehive is now bigger, wider, with a whole lot more products to offer!!!

Beehive Natural Foods is a one stop shop for both the health-conscious and for those who just want organic yet delicious foods to nibble on. For almost 34 years, Beehive Natural Foods had been serving the people of Miami with healthy foods, organic juices and smoothies, food supplements, and other natural products all prepared and served with the highest quality and biggest smiles from its friendly crew and staff.

Beehive Natural Foods is a restaurant, juice bar, and store all in one. In its new location found at 6490 Bird Road, Beehive can now cater to more customers with its wider space, in a more accessible location, with better, much bigger parking space. Managed and supervised by its owner Mr. Bob Penna, a certified nutritional counselor, Beehive Natural Foods is here to serve you with the freshest and healthiest foods and supplements for the years to come.

Beehive Natural Foods is now located at:
6490 Bird Rd., Miami, FL 33155
You can call us at: +1 305-666-3360
We are open from Mondays to Saturdays, 9:00 am-7:00 pm



Bob Penna, a certified nutritional counselor, is the owner of Beehive Natural Foods.

About 40 years ago, this guy, just like most of us, had experience various health problems, including energy problems and various types of skin allergies. But the moment he started learning about healthy foods and became conscious about his overall health and well-being, that’s when his life started to change…big time!

Bob, which usually refers to himself as “Beehive Bob” is now a nutritional counselor assisting and helping people to find alternative solutions to their digestive and immunity problems. That’s when he came up with the Beehive Natural Foods Store, which has been considered as a haven by the vegans, vegetarians, and just about any food lovers out in the area of Miami who love fresh, healthy, and delicious foods and juices.

Beehive is a combination of a restaurant, juice bar, and store with lots of variety of healthy products to choose from. From hair, facial and cosmetics products, to a whole line of homeopathic medicines… Beehive has tons of health products, vitamins, supplements, and even yummy yet healthy snacks to offer. Come down to the store to check it yourself. 

When you come and visit, you can ask for Bob for his advice on how to improve your digestive health and immunity. You can also contact him at Beehive’s official contact number: 305-666-3360