Acidophilus Probiotic | Beehive Natural Foods

Acidophilus Probiotic is the best seller of Beehive Natural Foods. This liquid probiotic is great for the immune system and supports healthy digestion. It works great for people who suffer from constipation, or even those who experience diarrhea, and other digestive sickness such as gas and acid reflux. Acidophilus probiotic prevents the growth of bad bacteria and maintains an acidic environment in the intestines. Acidophilus is also great for the colon as well as the liver. 

The friendly microorganisms found in this product in the form of probiotic is what makes this product great for our immunity and digestive health. Acidophilus Probiotic has nine strains of probiotics; 3 strains of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Thermophiles (1 strain), Bifodobacterium Lactis(1 strain),  Lactobcillus Bulgaricus(1 strain), Bifidobacterium Bifidum(1 strain), Bifidobacterium Infantis(1 strain), and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus(1 strain). 

Aside from being great in improving intestinal functions, it’s also observed that this product works well on the cure and/or prevention of some illnesses like ear infection, colds, strep throat, and certain kinds of allergies. Acidophilus Probiotic is all natural, without any preservatives or additives, and is very fresh, and tastes really good. It’s available in four yummy flavors namely; peach, cranberries, strawberry apple, and blueberry. It’s fresh, yummy, and safe even for kids and pregnant/lactating moms!

Acidophilus Probiotic is available at the Beehive Natural Foods. Its retail price is at 13.95…a very affordable price indeed considering all the benefits one can yield from it! Visit the store today; we are located at 6490 Bird Rd., Miami, FL 33155 or you can call us first at +1 305-666-3360. We are open from Mondays to Saturdays, from 9 am to 7 pm. Look for Bob Penna and he’ll be more than willing to have a word with you about this great product, as well as the rest of the amazing healthy products available at the store.

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DMSO | Dimethyl Sulfoxide | Beehive Natural Foods

DMSO or Dimethyl Sulfoxide is commonly known as horse liniment. Years ago, it hasn’t been approved for human use, not until studies and researches were conducted on it and it proved to work well with almost any kind of pain and inflammation.

DMSO is an antioxidant, fighting the free radicals that accumulate whenever there is an instance of injury. It is also proven to stabilize membranes and slows down and eventually halts the bleeding of injured cells. DMSO is known to work on a variety of inflammatory conditions, such as those in rheumatoid arthritis and inflammations caused by chronic, low back injuries. DMSO is also effective in the treatment of scleroderma, a rare condition, resulting from the buildup of collagen or scar-like tissues in the skin. Severe cases of scleroderma may lead to amputation of affected areas and even death, and not until the discovery of DMSO and its wondrous effects, this rare disease has become manageable and curable.

DMSO has also been long used for cuts and burns, tissue damage, and even skin ulcer. It’s known to promote healing, and alleviates pain in a speedy manner. The only side effect recorded so far with DMSO when used topically was that it penetrates the skin so well, that after applying it, people will perceive a garlic-y breathe. Also, there had been some occasional cases of mild headache experienced by some people when DMSO was used intravenously, or when taken in large doses.

DMSO can be taken orally, topically, or injected (intravenously). Although most of the DMSO products available at the Beehive Health Food Store are mainly for topical use in the form of liquid, sprays, creams, and lotion.

For more information about the product, you can contact Bob Penna, the owner of Beehive Natural Foods at +1 305-666-3360. Or you can visit the store at 6490 Bird Rd., Miami, FL 33155. Beehive is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 9:00am-7:00pm