Various Selection of Herbs at the Beehive

Herbs have been used thousands of years ago both as a medicine and food flavoring. Herbs came from the leaves/leafy part of a plant, which is either dried or fresh. Each kind of herbs has their own, unique, beneficial purpose. In culinary, herbs are typically used together with spices (products which came from other parts of the plant other than leaves; like perhaps root, seed, fruit, bark, etc.).

In terms of using herbs for health purposes, there are definitely advantages to using herbs as alternative medicine. Aside from the fact that it's more affordable, the intake of herbs will not cause any side effects and will have very little to no reports of allergic reaction as well. Also, there is no reported incident of overdose when it comes to the intake of herbal medicine and herbs.

There is a ton of selection of herbs and herbal products available at the Beehive Health Food Store. There is the dried, powdered form which can be bought per ounce or in bulk; the herbal liquid extracts; the tea bags; as well as the herbal capsules. May it be for your sleep disorder, for stress relief, memory problems, vitality, energy supplement, and other health necessity, Beehive has got the right herbs for your specific need.

Come down to Beehive Natural Foods, 6490 Bird Rd. The store is open from Mondays to Saturdays, from nine in the morning until seven in the evening. You can also call Bob Penna, a certified nutritional counselor and the owner of Beehive Natural Foods at +1 305-666-3360.

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