Old Amish Formula by Caleb Treeze | Beehive Natural Foods

Do you experience frequent cramps on your legs and feet? How about acid reflux? If you do, we've got great news for you! You don't have to suffer from pain anymore because there's this awesome product that can alleviate your pain in an instant!

The product is from an old Amish formula by Caleb Treeze. They have this product called "Stops Acid Reflux in about One Minute", in which the purpose is obvious. So if you are experiencing acid reflux or heartburn, you can take one to two tablespoonful of this product mixed with a quarter of glass of water (or swallow it directly if you can tolerate the strong taste of the vinegar) to immediately stop your reflux. Likewise, if you are experiencing leg or/and foot cramps, take a tablespoon or two of the product called "Stops Leg and Foot Cramp in about One Minute" and just like as it promised, your cramps will be gone in about one minute!

Both of the products are all natural and organic, in which the main ingredients include apple cider vinegar, garlic juice and ginger, with a few other herbs carefully researched and studied through the years to serve their best purpose in the field of natural medicine. And since it's all natural, no side effects so far were observed upon the intake of these products. It's also salt and gluten free and no genetically modified products are present on both of these awesome old Amish Formula.

The product is available at the Beehive Health Food Store. The store is located at 6490 Bird Rd. Miami, FL. The Beehive is open from Mondays to Saturdays, from 9:00 am till 7:00 pm. You may also contact us at our hotline number 1 305 666 3360.