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Gout is a form of arthritis affecting the tendons and joints, as well as other tissues. A person with gout usually feels severe burning pain, swelling and tenderness in the joints, usually in the big toe. Gout is more evident to occur on men, although women too might experience it especially those who have reach their menopausal age.

Gout occurs when there’s too much uric acid present in the blood, forming hard crystals in the joint. These urate crystals cause severe pain, inflammation, and swelling when they accumulate in the joints. Although uric acid is naturally found in our body, and that some people even if they have high levels of it on their blood still don’t experience gout, unfortunately, there are people who suffer from gout because of the buildup of urate crystals in their joints.

If the gout continues to be untreated, the worsening pain may result to damage of joints, or even infection. It is advised to seek medical care and undergo checkup and physical examinations to confirm if the pain is caused by gout or other illness. Taking a sample fluid from the joint may be conducted to test for gout. Blood test will also determine the amount of uric acid present in the blood.

One can observe strict diet like avoiding too much meat, seafood and any food and beverages that contain high percentage of purines. These chemicals metabolize the uric acid that causes gout. Likewise, your doctor can prescribe drugs and ointments to alleviate the pain caused by gout. A person suffering from gout may be prescribed with gout medications for a long period of time or even for a lifetime, which could be very costly. Thankfully, there is now known supplement - which is herbal, without any side effects and works perfectly for people who suffer from gout.

The product is called Gouch.  It’s a dietary supplement designed to promote healthy levels of uric acid in the blood. It’s all herbal and has no side effects noted! It contains: cherry fruit -  which is great for normalizing uric acid levels and an antioxidant as well; ginger root - which works great for inflammation, and quercetin, - a flavonol commonly present in fruits, veggies, and grains, which has a good anti-inflammatory quality and also a great antioxidant.

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