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A gluten-free diet is especially beneficial to people who are suffering from celiac disease. Celiac disease happens to people who are gluten-intolerant. Gluten, a form of protein present in grains such as wheat, rye, barley, and even oats, when ingested by people with celiac disease, causes their immune system to form antibodies to gluten which then attacks the intestinal lining and damages the villi. Villi are the tiny hair-like projections on the lining of the small intestines that absorb the nutrients from the food we intake. Thus, if the villi are damaged, nutrient absorption will not take place causing the body's immune system to weaken and may even lead to malnutrition, even if the person is eating adequate amount of healthy food.

In addition, most of the wheat these days, a grain that is primarily source of gluten, are now mostly genetically altered. GMO wheat (GMO stands for genetically modified organism) is the kind of wheat that are grown commercially and usually found in our foods today. What's not so good about GMO wheat is its effect to the human body. Modern wheat has substances that cause the body to react differently, primarily an increase in appetite causing weight gain. Other effects of genetically altered wheat to the human body are memory problems, energy problems, allergies, belly fat, and weakening of the immune system.

Knowing those facts, it is good to note the benefits of taking gluten-free foods. Whether the person does have celiac disease or not, eating gluten-free foods and foods without genetically-altered wheat will surely yield benefits to one's health. Nutrients especially folate, iron, calcium, and fat will be absorbed by the body, and that obesity and malnourishment are both not likely to happen as long as the person is eating the right amount of healthy, gluten-free food.

You do not have to deprive yourself from eating what you like most. Cakes, cookies, crackers, cereals, and snacks are now available in their gluten-free variants! Enjoy eating and living healthy, without worrying of being under- or overweight! Beehive Natural Foods has all sorts of gluten-free products for you to choose from.

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